I joined the NFT’ community because I loved the idea that it was so easily accessible. I rediscovered painting and then got into more digital work.

As a woman my work has a strong political message - the personal is political. I explore themes of beauty, control and anguish. The body is the site of struggle and a focus for a lot of my work.

On a more personal level I focus on conformity and madness. I have worked on the frontline with some of the most marginalized groups and witnessed unspeakable trauma. These stories drive me to push forward using art as a medium for conversation and change. As well as a way to heal.

I am fairly new to the NFT community. It has been a steep learning curb, I'm finding that things move quickly in the world of crypto. The experience in this realm is now having an impact on my art and how it is starting to shape up. It's an exciting journey but it can be difficult to stand out in a sea of faces.

When The Lights Go Out

Look at me, where am I? I can feel but can’t see ...

Stranger From The Past

A stranger came and knocked at my door ...


Where there is power, there is resistance Michel Foucault

The Wanderer

Where does beauty live I asked? I looked and looked but could not see ...


I can touch the sun if I fly high into the sky ...


I took the butterfly and went high into the sky. Through my mind I wandered ....


We are affected by everything around us. Sometimes we just need to be.

One, Two ... I'm coming for you

In the night, in the dark I can feel the fear. In the night, in the dark, who is coming for you.

NFT's are dead.

It's 2021 and NFT's have officially died. What will happen to all the astronauts?

The Whore

Surrounded by images of the sexualised body, the whore is confronted with the slanders thrown at her.

The Angel

The Angel flaps her wings, surrounded by images of sex and beauty.


Every time you feel pulled under and want to give up remember to exhale...

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

What Are You Looking At ?

Every time you are harassed and reduced to your body parts simply for being a woman, you learn to proceed with caution. What Are You Looking At ?


After the darkness comes light.